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Criminal Law

Unfortunately it can often be the case that people find themselves on the wrong side of the law at some point in their lives for a whole variety of reasons. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be long lasting and far reaching in a society increasingly concerned with criminal records checks. It is therefore essential that you obtain expert legal advice if the need arises.

We have offices in Kendal and Milnthorpe where we can offer free 30 minute appointments either by arrangement or at one of our Drop-In Clinics.

The Team

The Milne Moser criminal law team is led by Suzie Kavanagh.  Suzie has spent her career specialising in criminal law and is a fully accredited Criminal Litigator.

Paul Williams has practised criminal law since 1981 and is a highly experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Together Suzie and Paul make a highly experienced and formidable team. For more information on each member of our team, visit their individual profile pages.

The Police Station

I was at risk of losing my driving licence after being caught speeding, but Milne Moser were able to attend court with me and amazingly, help me keep my driving licence

Milne Moser Solicitors have a team who are able to provide advice and assistance at the Police Station 24 hours a day 7 days a week – a service provided entirely FREE OF CHARGE no matter what the circumstances.

Whether you are asked to attend the police station voluntarily or you are arrested unexpectedly, we can assist. If you are aware you have an appointment to attend the police station you need only call us to arrange representation for free. If you are arrested, the police have our 24 hour contact information and you need only ask for a Solicitor from Milne Moser to be contacted on your behalf.

When children or otherwise vulnerable adults attend the police station they must be represented by an appropriate adult – someone who is able to look after their welfare and ensure they understand their situation. If you have been asked to attend as an Appropriate Adult you have the right to request a solicitor. 

Magistrates, Crown Court and Beyond

Milne Moser Solicitors continue to offer expert representation throughout Court proceedings, whether the allegation is one of simple shoplifting or as serious as fraud or murder.

We hold a contract with the Legal Aid Agency and can advise as to your eligibility for Legal Aid in Court proceedings. If Legal Aid is not available we can offer a realistic fee structure in respect of your case, in fact we can often offer to conduct your case for a fixed fee.

If you are aware you are due in Court, it is crucial to instruct a Solicitor as soon as possible to represent you. Contact us now for advice.


Call Milne Moser Solicitors on 01539 729786 for a FREE representation at the police station or a FREE 30 minute appointment at either our Kendal or Milnthorpe office. Alternatively call in to our Drop In Clinics in Milnthorpe on Fridays between 9am and 1pm.

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