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Family Law

Changing times

No matter how amicable the break-up of your relationship may be, many aspects of your life with your former spouse or partner will need to be considered and decisions made about how best to move forward. This can be challenging, but we can help.

We are experienced, qualified solicitors and can advise you on all the legal issues that you may face. Decisions will need to be made about your home and your finances. You may also have children whose needs have to be considered. Whatever the issue, we will guide and support you until you reach a resolution that is right for you.

Making that first appointment

Your friendly attitude helped me to get through difficult times and come out the other side.

We understand that making your first appointment to see us will be a big step, especially when you may still be coming to terms with the changes that are occurring in your life. However, we only want to help and we will do this discreetly and with sensitivity.

Fixed fees

Managing your finances can be difficult when your relationship has broken down and this is why we offer fixed fees or instalment plans.  This means that you have both the certainty of knowing how much your bill will be and the ability to pay by installments whilst your case is ongoing.


Where you decide to issue divorce proceedings, we charge a fixed fee of £460 plus VAT when the divorce is undefended.  The Court will also charge a fee which you must pay in addition to our fees. This fee is currently £550 although exemptions may apply.

If you have received a divorce petition from your husband or wife and you require legal assistance, we charge a fixed fee of £250 plus VAT.  There is no Court fee payable in this instance.

As you go through the divorce process, it will be necessary for you to agree how the family assets are to be divided.  This can be done by agreement in which case an Order can be made by the Court for a ‘full and final’ settlement.  Our fees for preparing the necessary paperwork and relevant Court papers begin at £400 plus VAT and will depend upon the complexity of your personal circumstances.  There will also be a Court fee payable but this can often be shared between you and your former spouse.

Separation Agreements

If  you are married, but are not ready to commence divorce proceedings just yet, we can help you to prepare and execute a Separation Agreement.  A typical fee for such an agreement is just £450 plus VAT.

We can also offer bespoke fee packages for other aspects of family law and you can discuss these with us at your first appointment.

The personal touch

We recognise that every relationship is as individual as the people who form it, which is why we will take time to get to know you before helping you to move forward with the solution that best suits you.

With our support and advice, you will be able to deal with the changes that you face constructively and at your own pace.


We are members of Resolution and, as such, are committed to a code of practice which promotes a non-confrontational approach to the legal issues that separating couples face. We also encourage solutions that consider the needs of the whole family and, in particular, any children.

Happier times

We do advise under happier circumstances too:

We're getting married in the morning...

If you have decided to marry abroad, you may need a statutory declaration confirming your single status.  We can assist you by helping you to prepare the documentation you require for a fixed fee of just £75 plus VAT.

Living together

Alternatively, you may be planning to live together and require a Cohabitation Agreement to ensure that all of the household issues are agreed in advance.  We can assist you preparing a Cohabitation Agreement for a fixed fee of £450 plus VAT.

Here to help

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